harum scarum

erratic, impulsive, impetuous; giddy, scatterbrained
Siobain Drury is harum scarum

Siobain Drury has Fine Art training with a background in Arts Education. She has a broad range of creative skills and expertise and is currently working out of her Art Shed Studio in Stroud, Gloucestershire.

Creative Workshops – Exciting & innovative range of workshops offered for all ages both at the studio and out & about in schools, schools, hospitals and at public events. Bespoke workshops can be designed to meet your needs.

Mentoring & Tutoring – One to one or small groups for those already in education, home-schooled or at the beginning of their creative careers.

Handmade Candles Eco Soya Candles – I make hand poured Eco Soya wax candles with exquisite scents that have a clean slow burn and produce gift items for kids and home.