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Harum Scarum was born in the early 90’s when Siobain made some funky knitted hats for Harrods and her friend designed a quick embroidered label for her. The brand has developed over the years, influenced by her fine art mixed media practice, where she uses found imagery & objects in her work.

Harum Scarum‘s founder, Siobain is a magpie – with a sharp eye for design classics and hidden gems. She grew up in Birmingham and worked at the famous ‘Rag Market’ in her teens selling Vintage clothing. A trained Fine artist with a eye for what she describes as ‘How things should look’ she studied Fine Art in Liverpool and pursued a teaching career in Arts Education.

Siobain began sourcing materials that she found in charity shops, markets and antique fayres in order to make gifts, jewellery and candles that other people would want.


Siobain has always been interested in good design and is extremely selective about the ceramics and glass she selects for her hand poured candles. Heavily influenced by a couple of her potter friends, she is a self confessed pottery hoarder.

Much of the stock she sources from Charity shops, this means that most sales of her candles will have already donated to charity. As sustainability becomes a growing issue Siobain is constantly looking for materials that she can give a second life to. She can find a use for pretty much anything!

The leather, fabric, ceramics, glass & paper are post consumer waste and much of the already recycled packaging used, has already been used at least once before. Lots of these products are truly unique and quite often rare and every item has been hand made by Siobain.


harum scarum - reckless, impetuous, rash.

   "When I started this brand I was 22 and probably quite reckless and rash - I liked the sound of the words together and it has just stuck. I'm a lot less reckless now I'm older and have two daughters aged 11 and 8 - I have to be a bit more sensible!

But when I'm working - my studio and my mind, still have the chaos.

I hope you find a treasure that you will love to keep or gift to someone you love."

Siobain XXX