Glass Votive – Soy Candle with limited edition fragrance, Orange, Cinnamon, Clove & Cardamom




Upcycled votive filled with Eco Soy wax and a blend of Orange, Clove, Cinnamon & Cardamom Organic essential oils. This is sweet and spicy – smells like hot spiced Christmas drinks. Excellent cold throw and sumptuous when lit.

EcoSoya® – soy waxes are created with pure, natural soybean oil, and composed of non-petroleum renewable resources, promoting the growth and care of our environment while burning crisp and clean with a gentle natural glow -100% vegetable.

EcoSoya is sustainable, biodegradable, vegan friendly and made in the UK.

This is approx 50ml of wax – that should give 15 hours + burn time.