Vintage Creamery Jug Soy Candle with Tuberose and Angelica Fragrance




This super cute cream jug was found at the Pannier Market in Tavistock. It is pretty old and it’s age shows on the textures and colouration found in the glaze. It is such a beautiful form – I had to make it into a candle – I’m still not sure I want to part with it!

It is filled with a beautiful tuberose and angelica fragranced soy wax.

EcoSoya® – soy waxes are created with pure, natural soybean oil, and composed of non-petroleum renewable resources, promoting the growth and care of our environment while burning crisp and clean with a gentle natural glow -100% vegetable.

This is approx 50ml of wax – that should give  20 hours + approx burn time.