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Eye Pillow

Furoshiki wrap Rosemary & Chamomile Flaxseed Eye Pillow

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These pillows have been hand made, with double seams, a cotton bag with removable and washable covers. The fabrics selected are from my vast collection that has been gathered from markets, charity shops, are gifted or leftover from other projects. Only the best fabrics and designs are chosen.

These are great for naps, to aid sleep or perfect for a mindful rest after yoga in Savasana.

Cutting out visual stimulus, including light, sends a message to your brain that it’s time for your mind to be still. The gentle pressure of the weighted pillow stimulates the vagus nerve and messages are sent to the body - it’s time to relax.

This eye pillow is made from Furoshiki wrapping cloth from Japan and filled with flaxseeds, locally grown homegrown and dried Rosemary, Chamomile flowers, 2 drops each of Neal's Yard Remedies Organic Rosemary & Chamomile essential oil.

This pillow is great for clearing the head, and is especially nice used chilled.

Approx 200g in weight

Dimensions 19cm x 12cm